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We are committed to providing solutions to every real estate challenge, from site identification, conceptual design, land use approvals, architectural and engineering studies, as well as and construction packages, through financing, constructing, leasing and maintaining the property as an active part of a real estate portfolio.

Doral Hilton DoubleTree

International Mall

The iconic, award-winning mid-market brand is ideal for the site. Uniquely situated in the parking área of the International Mall and just steps from the entrance.

The analysis will show that the current and expected future demand for hotel rooms in the Doral market
is, and should continue to be, strong enough to support the development of more hotel rooms in the area.

The existing 25 branded hotels consisting of 3,872 rooms in the Doral market ended 2011 with an 80.1% occupancy, an average daily rate (ADR) of $104.21, and a Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) of $83.52. These numbers represent increases from 2010 of 3.5%, 5.3%, and 9.0% respectively.

About the Brand DoubleTree Hilton

Hilton Doubletree seeks to give our guests everything they need to be successful, and the same is true for our owners and operators. We focus on building success into every relationship with an award-winning, well-known brand that can deliver a strong return on investment.

The mid-market brand’s efficient, scalable design and upscale accommodations have helped make it a compelling alternative to a traditional full-service hotel.


The City of the Future

Doral ranked first out of 227 places thanks to its relative affordability, low unemployment rate (4.4%, or over a full percentage point lower than the statewide rate) and strong population growth. This north-central Miami-Dade County city welcomed almost 6,000 new residents from 2010 to 2013, a gain of more than 14%, and is expected to reach 80,000 total residents in the next 3-5 years. Doral’s strong performance was further bolstered by its rising home values, which grew 62.1% over the past ten years. Miami-Dade communities dominated the list overall, with Bal Harbour, Homestead and Miami Lakes rounding out the top four spots.

Great Expectations

It is expected, that due to its competitiveness relative to the other hotels in the área, that the proposed  Hilton DoubleTree Doral International Mall (HDDIM)) upon establishing itself in the market, will capture
at least 100% of its fair share of the total market demand for hotel rooms in Doral. Its fair share of the market is simply the fraction of ARN that it contributes to the overall supply of room nights in the market. Its 134 rooms will contribute 48,910 ARN per year (134×365), then the total market will be made up of the existing 4,017 rooms in 26 hotels, the 134 rooms in the  HDDIM , for a total room count in the market of 4,151 rooms. The total ARN for the market would therefore be 1,515,115 ARN (4,151×365), and the  HDDIM s fair share of the market would therefore be 3.23% (48,910/1,515,115×100%).

Why Hilton?

Typically ranging from 100 to 250 rooms, a Hilton DoubleTree can be adapted to fit a wide range of lot sizes, site and zoning requirements and, most importantly, market demand. While we are committed to ensuring a consistent product offering inside every hotel, the building itself may take on various configurations depending on the needs of each particular location.

Hilton DoubleTree building options can be easily modified to minimize architectural fees. We aim to make effective space allocation part of every design, with the goal of reducing total construction costs while keeping guest rooms comfortable and appealing. As a result, owners can begin operations more quickly than with a traditional full- service hotel.

1 mile from M.I.A Airport

At only one mile from the Miami International Airport, Doral is the #1 City in Miami-Dade County with over 3,000 logistic-related companies supporting national and international trade.    Also Doral is   #1 Tile District in the United States.

In the heart of the Doral city between the NW 19 street and the NW 102 avenue, next to the international mall, we are developing the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton.

The Doral city has a strategic location in the metropolitan area of Miami. Its closeness to the International Airport, its easy access to the highways 826, 836 and the turnpike and the mix of a vibrant commercial area along with a growing residential place, make of the Doral a winning bet.

Advantages of our EB-5 Project

Our Project allows a reduced investment of $500.000 unlike other projects that require $1,000,000

Having a tangible asset such as the land and the building, the risks associated with the investment are minimized. Other EB-5 projects do not have a real estate component that can support your money.

We have the pre-approved bank financing that guarantees the cash flow necessary for the initiation and execution of the project. Other projects depend exclusively on EB-5 financing; this may delay or jeopardize the residence process of their investors.

As part of the quality standards of the Hilton chain, we have formed a team of professionals with proven experience in hotel construction and operation, which is a guarantee of success for this project.

This kind of progress is never easy. But we’re not here for the easy fights. We are what American Opportunity is all about. The American Dream.